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We provide various packages for all levels of school and adult.


Learning in the fine arts

watercolor, poster color, oil color, pastel, and more.


Art Studio for Children, Teens and Adults

Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join.

KP Wong Art & Design Studio was established in year 2008. Our art courses are emphasis on technique very much to assist students to handle and score their schoolwork, exam in private or government school and international school.

We handle all levels of schoolwork, PT3, SPM, STPM, Adult (All types of material with variety of art topics). Besides, we also intend to train them to become a hyper-realistic artist, art tutor, art trainer and art teacher.

The medium we use are watercolor, poster color, acrylic, oil color, pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, gouache, graphite pencils, color pencils and pen & ink.

As a source of teaching, we use reference books and also material from internet to search your favorite drawing and painting like cartoon, anime, portrait, still life, scenery, etc.

What you will learn:

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Draw, sketch and paint from basic to advance.

Blending colors to make perfect tone.

Mix color to make more powerful color value.


Lines, colors, shapes, patterns, space, scale, proportion, balance, perspective, positive & negative, etc.


Poster, logo, cartoon, anime, scenery, still life, animal, flower, portrait, building, etc.


for primary and secondary school students.

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